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June 1, 2008


it was a long time i didn't write in english if there any mistakes on my post then it could be causes by insufficient of exercises...huhuh...

ok aizam,what are u going to write and tell us now??

actually,i don't have any ideas..but it seems to be talking about "love"
ok...the first question that i would like to ask u is Do u know what's the meaning of LOVE??aiya,don't know??let me explain:

1-to be very strongly attracted to someone in an emotional and sexual way such an example>>we love each other and we're going to get married<<ni contoh je tau,korang jgn pikir lain plk

2-to care very much about someone,especially members of ur family or ur close friends such an example>>she loved her children with all her heart<<

3-it mainly spoken to like or enjoy something very much such an example>>i love chocolate cake@i've been retired for a year now and i'm loving every minute of it<<

there are some other else meanings of love but just leave them and tried to focus on three of these means...

which one of love that is yours??
in my research and observation,the first meaning is strong enough to describe about love..because nowadays,people always talking about sex and i think is not fault to say that...

why i chose "love" as my tittle?(ni yg malu nk cakap ni,hahhah)
because i'm already falling in love..but with whom??
if i going to tell u,could u let it be in a secret???(boleh caya ke??)

ok2..that enough,let me tell u,actually the one who already be in my loved is my parents....hahahha....

p/s:aku saja tulis dalam b.i cz lama sangat x mengarang dalam b.i ni...aku pun tak tahu berapa byk kesalahan aku wat...korang baca lepas tu nnti korang bagitahu apa yg salah kt aku erk...ok...anyway thanks to all of u cz willing to read my new post..

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Anonymous said...

practices make perfect. that's all i can say.

there are a few grammatical errors you need to avoid. common grammatical errors,tho.


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